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More and more people decide on seamless gutter and this is usually because of aesthetics. But there is way more than esthetics. Seamless gutters come in one piece and they definitely look better to your exterior than traditional (sectional) gutters. Other feature that customers look for when installing seamless gutter is durability, performance, and strength. By not having any seams reduces the potential risk of leakage, but on the other hand, if anything was to happen to your seamless gutter, you’ll need to replace it completely.

Our company offers the largest selection of seamless rain gutter styles with various profiles and colors. Whether you own a Victorian, craftsman, ranch, contemporary home or commercial building, we have a solution that meets its architectural style. We are a family-owned business with many years of experience and our quality is recognized through every job we’ve done. Our customers understand the importance of proper gutter installation and how water can cause damage to their foundation, siding, doors, and windows. Our journey will start with free evaluation and finding the best way to divert the water from your property. We will walk you through materials, styles, and pricing options to choose the best gutter system for your home. Contact us today for free, no-obligation consultation.

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Seamless vs Traditional Gutters

When it comes to choosing between seamless or traditional gutters both options have some pros and cons. There are many factors by which people choose which one is better. The decision usually depends on cost, maintenance, appearance, and overall performance. Let’s see what pros and cons of both sides are and what makes them different.

The seamless gutter system is also known as continuous gutters, and it is produced from a single piece of material. Some of the main advantages to this innovative gutter system are:

  • Seamless gutters require less maintenance meaning that they have almost no joints and are less likely to pile up leaves, twigs, and debris.
  • Continuous gutters please the eye which means they’re aesthetically more appealing than their traditional counterparts. This is because it all comes in one piece and there aren’t any visible seams and joints.
  • Since it has fewer joints, it decreases the chance of leakage thus protecting your foundation and roof from waterfalls.

There are, of course, some downsides too:

  • Seamless gutters are initially more expensive because they require professional installation and more quality material. But since it requires little maintenance, you won’t have any additional costs so often.
  • If you, however, need to repair seamless gutter system, you’ll have to replace the whole gutter.

Traditional gutters come in sections which are put together and attached to the roof. They are easy to install because of these short sections, but each has a joint which makes it vulnerable to damage and leakage.

The pros of traditional gutters are multiple material options, they are more cost-effective, and they can be DIY installed. The cons include greater risk of leakage or damage, often requiring regular maintenance, and they easily get clogged which causes additional costs.

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Common Seamless Gutter Materials We Offer

The materials you’ll wish to use also depend on some factors such as durability, design, and strength. Some of the most common materials used for seamless gutters are aluminum, copper, steel, and vinyl.

Aluminum Seamless Gutters

The most important feature of aluminum is that it never rusts. But if it encounters other metals like steel and copper, it can corrode. It is a lightweight material which makes it easier to install than gutter made from other materials. Aluminum gutter joints don’t require any soldering. With the proper maintenance and installation, it can last up to 30 years. The main problem with durability is that aluminum seamless gutter may lose shape and become deformed if something heavy is placed or falls on it. This material may be people’s first choice because it comes in various colors and has clean, seamless lines which look very appealing on your home exterior.

Copper Seamless Gutters

Homeowners also often decide to cover their roof with more durable options such as copper. They base their decision upon its two main pros: aesthetics and longevity. It comes in many colors from metallic copper to old patina, but over time it can turn green which some people find as its disadvantage. If you live in colder areas where harsh weather conditions occur, copper seamless gutter is the best choice. It holds up very well against heavy rainfall.

Steel Seamless Gutters

The first thing which makes it a good choice is surviving the extreme weather conditions. Steel seamless gutters are very durable, especially galvanized steel. But, in case of standing water or ice, the oxidation process would be greater, and it will lead to faster rusting. Steel can be installed as a seamless one-piece gutter system which makes it less prone to leak. It is harder to dent material and resistant to extreme heat, so it will keep its shape over time.


Vinyl gutters are made from PVC plastic and customers choose it because of its low cost. It doesn’t require any heavy maintenance like anti-rusting coating since it is naturally rust-resistant. Vinyl seamless gutters are lightweight and very easy to install which makes it attractive to DIYers. On the other hand, we won’t usually recommend it because of its short lifespan.

An Estimate Cost of Seamless Gutters

The following prices are an estimate on how much you can spend on seamless gutter installation. The cost also depends on area you live in as well as material choice.

Another element to consider is the size of your home or business premises. The cost range will be between $4-$30 per linear foot. So, the lowest end for small house of 100 feet is $400, while the highest end is $3000. If you own a large 300 feet house, the cost can go up to $9000.

Copper is the most expensive material, going as high as $55 per linear foot while the cheapest one is vinyl with maximum cost of $12 per linear foot. Aluminum and steel share price range from $6 to $20. You can always add seamless gutter accessories such as leaf guards and regular gutter cleaning which will add some cost to your budget.

To provide you with accurate quote for your residence, please contact our team at (714) 661-4242 or submit the form below.


Our customers usually ask for 5- or 6-inches seamless gutters. The size will also depend on the size of your property and the climate. If you are located in Orange County, we’ll recommend the 6-inch kind.

Generally, it is quicker and easier to install seamless than traditional gutters. Seamless gutters are custom-made and cut to specific lengths. Usually, the installation will be completed in a single day. It can take longer if you own a big house or your current gutter must be removed.

By choosing an aluminum gutter you will be able to paint it. Make sure to use ammonia-free colors since they can react with aluminum. But, both aluminum and steel seamless gutters come in a wide range of colors, so there is probably one of your choice.

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