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All West Rain Gutters offers you all the services you can imagine concerning downspouts installation and repair. We are a local Orange County gutter contractor, and our team of professionals is experienced and very well acquainted with downspout systems. For over two decades we have delivered the best possible service to our residential and commercial customers. Downspout service includes evaluation of the current state and perfect matching style to your existing gutter. Call us today for reliable, cost-effective solutions with a design that will never clog!

Why Downspouts Installation at All West Rain Gutters?

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Downspout Placement Options

Downspout is a necessary part of your gutter system since it eliminates erosion. It is an economical upfront investment. When installing your downspout, our team takes several things into consideration:

  • If you have a flower garden we make sure that downspout water disposition doesn’t flow directly into it.
  • It will depend on whether your yard is flat or sloped. If you have a flat yard, we will install downspout extending further from the house.
  • Customers appreciate the visual when choosing the place and look of the downspout. We are here to offer your variety of colors and find the best one according to your siding.
  • When looking for a best place to install the downspout, foundation is our biggest concern. The downspout should be placed as away from the foundation as possible.

Available Downspout Types and Their Advantages

There are two main types of downspouts and you can choose one depending on the current gutter style.

Round Downspouts

If you have half-round gutter installed usually round downspouts will be the first choice. They are available in both corrugated and smooth styles and both can be made of steel or copper. Round downspout is very efficient in the sense of water drainage and is large in diameter. However, there are some downsides such as the installation can take longer and they can be expensive.

Rectangular Downspouts

Another name for rectangular downspout is “box gutter” since it has rectangular box shape. This downspout type has three main advantages:

  • They are time-consuming and affordable choice for your gutter system.
  • We will attach it to the fascia board which makes it functional and performs efficiently.
  • They come in all sizes.

On the other hand, rectangular downspouts have very sharp edges, and it can be tricky to clean them. Also, they are known for retaining water thus making it inefficient solution for water drainage.

Downspouts Installation Repair Orange County

Signals of Downspout Drain Cloggage

Clogged drains may cause serious problems to your home. Downspout drains are usually placed underground and keep the water away from your house. If you don’t take proper care of it and they become clogged, it’ll lead to water overflowing. We will list some signs which can help you detect the issue before it escalates.

Rainwater Draining

Downspouts usually drain into the street or driveway. When it’s raining you should check the system to see if there is any water. In case there is no water, it means your system is probably clogged.

Gutter System Overflowing

The first thing you will notice is that the gutters begin to fill with water. It is the first sign of clogged downspouts and when filled with water, it will start leaking everywhere.

Basement Damage

In case your downspout is improperly installed or clogged, it can cause serious water damage to your basement. If you notice water draining too close to your foundation, it may be possible that the downspout is clogged, or it just disposes in faulty location.

Leaking Seams

This can happen with traditional gutter system since it is made from many sectional pieces. The downspout installed would need to fit in with gutter system choice. The spewing from the seams or joints may be noticed in case of heavy rains which further indicates some kind of blockage.

Don’t hesitate to contact us before clogged and improperly installed downspout cause major problems. Call All West Rain Gutters today and we will inspect the system and detect any possible issues.

Downspouts Materials You Can Choose

Materials used to make downspouts are the same as those used to make gutter systems. Our customers usually choose the one to fit in with the current system installed. As with gutters, the choice for materials will depend on various factors such as durability, strength, appearance, and cost.

  • Aluminum is the most common choice because it is lightweight, affordable, and long-lasting.
  • Vinyl is made from PVC and probably the easiest one to install. It doesn’t rust, but its lifespan is limited.
  • Steel is very strong and durable but rusts over time.
  • The best and most expensive choice is copper. Copper is the strongest material for your system, and it can give your exterior a very rustic look.

5 Steps to Successful Downspout Installation by All West Rain Gutter Professionals

Be positive that we will provide you with superior quality installation. Once we inspect your current gutter system, installation of downspout will be quick. Our installation process includes 5 following steps:


Step 1 – Drafting

Planning where to place the downspout is the first and most important step. We will pay attention to where the water flows and determine the best place for its disposal.

Step 2 – Gutter Sleeve

The sleeve is installed into the exiting gutter, and it connects downspout to it. We apply a ribbon or a sealant on the outer rim and then insert the sleeve into the notch. Once we place the sleeve correctly, we secure it by using the metal screw on each corner.

Step 3 – Elbow

The elbow system should extend from the sleeve. By placing the elbow system we will connect the downspout and align it with your house. Its angle should be pointed toward the house. We attach the first elbow, then the extension fitting into it. After this the second elbow is installed on the extension.

Step 4 - Downspout Installation

Th length of the downspout is measured first and it usually extends some 6 inches above the ground. Once we cut it to desired length, we place it into the second elbow and install another elbow to direct water to the ground.

Step 5 – Downspout Secured

This is the last and important part of the whole process. We will use proper tools to secure the downspout to your house. Metal straps are placed along the downspout and they are between 5 to 8 ft apart.

Lastly, we will test the installed system by flushing the water into the gutter.

The Estimate Cost of Downspout

We will just mention an average price for the downspout. For an exact evaluation and pricing of your future downspout installation or replacement be free to contact All West Rain Gutters at (714) 661 – 4242. We’ll have to inspect the current situation on your property and provide you with the cost.

Usually, when you replace or purchase gutter you’ll probably need to get downspouts. An estimate for vinyl and aluminum downspout is $5 to $8. A bit more expensive kinds are steel and copper which cost between $10 and $20. Drains, blocks, hangers, elbow and flushing also make part of the installation and are paid separately.


A downspout is a pipe attached to the side of a building, through which rainwater flows from the roof into the drain. So, we can say that it plays a very important role against water damage to foundation, siding, and fascia board. Unproper downspout installation makes your house exposed to moisture and corrosion which further causes the growth of mold and mildew. Downspouts also protect your home against basement flood and water accumulation on the rooftop.

If you live in an area with heavy rains, larger downspout will be perfect choice for you because they are designed to handle more water. Larger downspouts are also better if you have long gutter runs or complicated design.

We will advise you on putting aluminum extension or blocks. This can help direct the water minimum 4 ft from the house. Other options include rain barrels, underground drainpipe, and drain sleeve.

The downspout diameter is calculated by the roof area they drain. The common downspout size for a K-style gutter system is 2*3 inches. We would recommend 3*4 inches because it will be easier for you to clean it and it is less likely to form blockage.

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Don’t let a faulty downspout affect the functioning of your gutter system! We have licensed technicians specializing in repairing and maintaining all parts of the downspout system. We can install, unclog, or repair downspouts of all types. Call us today for a free consultation and quote.

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